Bonnie McNabb


Howdy People!!!

I'm Bonnie, I am not very interesting but I'm starting up a new business so I thought that the vast tens of people interested in my business should know a little bit about the creep behind it all!

Before I start rambling on about myself, I have to give some credit to my boyfriend who has been doing all the numbers and formulas and calcualtions that I just have no idea about, seriously, this wouldn't be off the ground if it wern't for him. so thank you to him :)

This year is my gap year before studying Graphic Design. I am starting a craft/giftware business and selling my products online, with etsy, Wordpress and eventually over facebook. I am creating, designing and mking everything myself, it's going to be hard but very very rewarding :)

OKAY!! Heres a few facts about me that make me weird and...wonderful?...No, just weird.

one...My idol is Rob Zombie, I think his artistic ability is so obscure and wonderful, I just love him!

two...I am absolutely terrified of seaweed, I can eat it, in sushi, but if it touches me, I lose the plot.

three...My best mate Emily is exactly like me to the point that it's just scary. we're like an old married couple.

four...My friends and family are the most important thing in the world to me, I love being surrounded by the people I love.

five...I love horror movies! most of them don't scare me, only the ones about demon possesion and ghosts scare me.

six...I'm a dog person!


eight...As from the name of my business "Mercury May" i am a massive Queen fan, and having one of the most amazing and talented men ever, taken from AIDS has made me want to help fund AIDS foundations and research.

nine...My dream is to create an istitute for under privileged/under developed people in Melbourne, where I will offer different art and design classes. I will also have folio building classes for those who don't have the money don't have the experience and who want to get into the industry. Because I believe that everyone deserves to experience the wonderful world of creation and expression through art.

ten...I think classic rock; Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, AC/DC Queen, is the best sort of music, really anything from