Bonnie Powers

I'm the managing director of San Francisco creative agency, Hatch, brand director of the beautiful Jeffrey Levin Jewelry and partner in the soon to be launched retail store Poet and the Bench.

I'm an optimist, a seeker, a connector of like-minded people. I've always loved art, creativity, music and objects of beauty... While more of a shadow artist, I've been fortunate to have spent my career in the presence of amazing talent.

I'm always open to making new discoveries and connecting people who have similar passions.

On a personal note, I haven't eaten one bite of meat since I was in my late teens (except a few years when I went back to chicken and turkey but those days are nearly a decade behind me now), I've been gluten free for over 6 years (because my body feels way better without it), I recycle, love a great vintage find rather than buying new (supporting sustainable brands as much as possible), I commute to work by ferry or bus (my husband and I have shared 1 car for 8 years) and I do my best to live a high quality life full of wellness and experience.