Bonney and Frank Huang

Consultant, Chef, and Small Business Owner in California

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Greetings, We are Bonney and Frank presently consultants in the Restaurant industry living in California.

Fans of entrepreneurship, food, and distinctive flavor cooking. We are also interested in wine and restaurant development. You can try our food , recipe or learn from us with a click on the button above.

Details about our history in this Industry:

1). In 1976 July 4th first open a Peking Garden one of the first Szechung Cuisine in Tulsa, Ok until 1998 then we moved to LA.

2) 1983 we opened one of the first Egg Roll Express Chinese fast food locations in Tulsa Ok . These locations were set up with "drive thru" service access which was different for Chinese food at the time.

3) 1984 opened another Egg Roll Express in Dallas TX . And then a third one in Houston, TX.

4) 1989 was also doing international trade and noted as one of the first to import Shiitake mushrooms from China to supply restaurants. During this growth we also had a farm in Escondido Ca. and sold mushrooms to Beverly Hill Spargo Restaurant. Talk to Chef, he knows our work and product offerings. We built 10 years of clientele on mushroom business sales to the LA market .

5). 2003 to 2012 we open The Little Sheep Hot Pot (Shabu Shabu) was Mongolian and Szechung flavor and very popular with everyday an impressive traffic flow and some times lines would be up to two hour waiting periods.

6). 2012 went back to Taiwan and opened a Japanese restaurant which was a TV movie choice location because of popularity. We also learn creative Taiwan seafood dishes & flavor. Taiwanese food and some Sushi became one of our specialties.

7) 2016 we began preliminary stages to open Tigerpie Pizzeria in Upland Ca . with intentions of it becoming a 4-5 star location. The concept was where you made your own pizza like "pieology". For some reason the investor capital was diverted. It is very sad as that location was prime.

8) In Conclusion: Our whole life we have been interested in restaurants, food and research on the sauces and distinctive tastes. We are excited about our proprietary blend recipe that makes up the Cajun Louisiana flavor and style that seems to be loved by all.

Any of the our past locations or clients had customers that always mentioned and praised the great flavor of the sauce. Many would returned to eat for a second, third, and up to six times to enjoy the taste. We are now looking for future partners interested in leveraging our success to create new industry growth and hear our ideas ! View/see more