Bonny Evans

Analytics, Executive, and business solutions in North Caldwell, New Jersey

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I'm a Data and Analytics leader in the NYC/NJ area that enjoys turning data into strategies and solutions that move the needle on key business goals. I enjoy being a part of a high growth startup culture where I can apply my diverse knowledge accumulated across varied industries and business functions and, at the same time, explore new ways to combine systems, technology, talent and actions to arrive at even more rewarding strategies. I've advised mid-size to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of methods analyzing data and creating solutions to optimize conversions, get ahead of product issues, improve marketing campaigns, gain accurate forecasts, and more.

Aside from keeping up with new data trends and technologies, I enjoy travelling. My 2 dogs are always seeking attention, which I happily give them, and being a bit of home design/renovation enthusiast, there's typically a 'next home project' I'm collecting ideas for.