Bon Palomo

Client Advocate in Richmond, Virginia

I am a Client Advocate currently living in Richmond, Virginia.

My interests range from entrepreneurship to fitness. I love living in our 100 year old farm house with my husband of 29 years and our two dogs. My passions are coffee and the outdoors.

I teach families how money works and help them put their money to work for them! Did you know that 66% of Americans are financially illiterate? It's an epidemic. Financial Cancer and it can be cured. The solution is education. I work with Individuals, families and businesses by providing private consultations and employee workshops at no cost! We are a digital education platform and we are disrupting the Financial Services Industry by bringing knowledge and solutions to middle America!

How many people do you know who have reviewed their financials in the last few years? How many people do you know who have a current financial roadmap for retirement? The answer most people give is 'not many.' That is one of the reasons why so many people are suffering financially and struggling to build wealth. The old model of retiring on personal savings, a company pension, and government pensions has become obsolete. People need a new strategy for generating income during their retirement years. They need a new game plan for their financial future.

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