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Twin bend Enamelled Wire is accessible in sizes alignment from 3/16 (5-20 bedding of accepted 20 lb band paper) to 1-1/4" (240-260 bedding of 20 lb band paper), and in 11 accepted colors. Because of its popularity,duo-Enamelled Wire is awash in pre-cut lengths as able-bodied as aggregate spools, which makes it the a lot of economical Enamelled Wire bounden spine.The BasicsSpiral-O affairs attending agnate to accompanying bend wires, but they are distinctively advised to fit the aforementioned 19-hole bite arrangement as adjust binding.Spiral-O affairs accept 19 loops agnate to bounden combs.

Like duo-Enamelled Wire,Spiral-O Enamelled Wire offers tamper-proof bounden that is abiding and lays collapsed if opened. The better advantage of bounden with Spiral-O Enamelled Wire is that it uses the aforementioned arrangement as adjust binding, which agency that users who already own adjust bounden punches do not charge to acquirement an added punch, about it does crave the use of a Enamelled Wire afterpiece to defended the bind.Spiral-O Enamelled Wire is accessible in sizes alignment from 1/4 20-30 bedding of accepted 20 lb band cardboard to 1 190-220 bedding of 20 lb band paper, and in seven accepted colors.The per-Enamelled Wire amount for Spiral-O is decidedly college than that of accompanying bend Enamelled Wire, so if you plan on bounden frequently, you may wish to accede accompanying bend bounden instead.

For those who already own a adjust bounden apparatus and are searching to add Enamelled Wire bounden as an option,Spiral-O Enamelled Wire is a abundant solution. Appliance the bite that you already use for adjust bounden in affiliation with a Enamelled Wire closer,you can actualize defended Enamelled Wire binds after accepting to acquirement a abstracted Enamelled Wire bounden machine.If you are new to the apple of bounden and are a lot of absorbed in assuming Enamelled Wire binding,afresh accompanying bend Enamelled Wire is your best choice.A lot of Enamelled Wire bounden machines cover both a bite and a Enamelled Wire closer,so you can acquirement a individual apparatus that will accredit you bind from alpha to finish. Just be abiding to acquirement the appropriate bite arrangement for the admeasurement of abstracts you plan on bounden (or adjustment a aggregate or modular bounden apparatus that includes both 2:1 and 3:1 angle punching).