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Consequences and effects of the crack in the body
Less pure form of cocaine, crack cocaine has an infinitely greater power to generate dependence, because the smoke reaches the brain with extreme speed and power.

The intense and ephemeral pleasure, it follows the urgency of repetition Kyle Leon Scam
Apart from becoming the target of pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases that can lead to death, users are exposed to violence and danger that can also kill

Health consequences
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Metal poisoning
The user heats the soda can to inhale crack. In the vapor of the drug, it draws aluminum, which detaches easily from the heated can. The metal spreads

through the bloodstream and causes damage to the brain, lungs, kidneys and bones.
Hunger and Sleep
The body begins to function as a function of the drug. The dependent barely eats or sleeps. Is a quick weight loss process Cases of malnutrition are common.

The dependence is also reflected in the absence of basic hygiene and care appearance.
Smoke crack generates lesions in the lungs, leading to dysfunction. As there is already a process of weight loss, dependents are vulnerable to diseases such

as pneumonia and tuberculosis. There is also evidence that crack cause acute respiratory problems, including coughing, shortness of breath and severe chest