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If you have no clue how to generate a website, do not be concerned about feeling intimidated. It is actually a lot easier than you believe. There is a easy internet site that teaches folks all about creating sites for free at

You can also learn a lot by ...

The most beneficial factor you can gather if you are promoting your book from a internet site when a visitor comes to your book's sales web site is not their cash... it really is their e-mail address and/or other contact info.

If you have no clue how to generate a internet site, do not be concerned about feeling intimidated. It is truly a lot simpler than you consider. There is a easy website that teaches people all about producing websites for totally free at

You can also find out a lot by performing a search for a phrase at like "how to make a site" and "free html tutorial." You will uncover tons of really very good free of charge training that way and can discover how in no time. Discover more on book a celebrity by browsing our disturbing link. Anyone can learn the fundamentals of making a internet site in just 1 day.

Ok, back to collecting your site visitors get in touch with information.

I know, I know youre possibly saying... "I'm an author. I want to write my book, sell my book and turn into a recognized specialist. WHY do I need to get their contact details?"

The simplest answer is: Simply because you will NOT become wealthy from the sale of your book. You will grow to be wealthy and attain celebrity status through the ongoing partnership you build with your readers.

If you do not know who they are, how can you continue to maintain in touch with them and they with you.

If you happen to be an expert on the topic and they currently have your book, do not you feel they'll want Much more info and More books from you?


Your book tends to make you an specialist on the subject, your interactions and relationships will propel you to a recognized expert and position you for extended-term good results not just a a single-hit wonder.

The service you need to collect email and get in touch with information and automatically respond to the person is named an Autoresponder.

There are paid autoresponders and free of charge autoresponders. Normally th