Designer in San Francisco, California


Designer in San Francisco, California

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Writing up a storm. With over 22 books to date, 3 are series and 1 beautiful saga, my books are about LOVE. Eros Psyche relationship driven and issues of the Heart.

My Books and series to date:

Gothic Gates series

Fifty Shades of Love trilogies & arcs

BOOK V Saga and novellas

Book Vi Saga coming 2016

ALCHEMY trilogy

GUISE' trilogy

Renaissance trilogy

BBW Bodacious series

TWIN Love a stand along book on twin flames and types of twin loves and paradigm shift re relationship.

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As a counselor, healer, and workshop/retreat teacher, my world of the spiritual and energy leads the way in all that I do. This influences my DESIGN BUSINESS in feng shui and executive offices and LEY LINES where places are located. Paris ROSE LEY LINE workshops on Alchemy and the Divine feminine as the grid there and portals