Shirley Boone

Shirley Boone

I was born in Lynnwood, California.

My mother's name is Rosetta but I live with Dawn Welch.

My family members are Jake Tillman, Jackie Whiteside, Alexis Herr, and Paul Welch. I love them all and I wouldn't trade them for anything. They mean alot to me!

My hobbies are dancing, shopping, working out, and making the best memories with Alexis Herr.

My favorite past time was when I went on vacation to Florida. It was probably the funnest time I've had in a long time!

I like eating, sleeping, shopping, the beach, big cities, sno cones, hanging out with my best friend, hanging out with boys, and listening to music.

I don't like small towns, school, or judgemental people.

The most exciting event thus far in my life was meeting the Welch family. They have seriously changed my life in many ways. I've honestly become a more exciting person.

My short-term goal for this year is to achieve the best that i can in my school work and in life so far.

My long-term goal for five years in my future is to graduate high school with very good grades and be able to move to California with my best friend. I plan to live there for the rest of my life and do great things.