Boosterthon Fun Run

Started more than a decade ago, the Boosterthon Fun Run offers a school fundraising program focused on building character, leadership, and physical fitness. Designed to be appropriate for all public and private elementary schools, the fundraiser offers a number of features that set it apart from the traditional product-sale fundraising strategies.

When a school chooses Boosterthon Fun Run as its fundraiser, children get to take part in an exciting nine-day event. On day one, the Fun Run team hosts an exciting pep rally to get students and staff up to speed on how the Boosterthon program works. Instead of going door-to-door selling products, students ask their friends and families to donate a pledge that goes towards the Fun Run event. The children get a Boosterthon PledgePack and an access code to the Fun Run website where they can enter their pledges.

After the pep rally, the school enters the Team Days phase. Boosterthon team members delve deeper into character development with the students. Each class is its own team with the teacher serving as the coach. These activities are specially designed add to highlight the teacher as the leader of the classroom and encourage students to become leaders and live lives of character.

At the end of the program, students get to take part in the Boosterthon Fun Run. Cheered on by their parents, the children complete a 30-minute run on the Boosterthon speedway set up on campus. Students typically run 25 to 35 laps while listening to upbeat music streaming from the sound system. All kids—regardless of their ability to receive a pledge—get to participate in the Boosterthon event.

Offering a unique alternative for raising much-needed funds, Boosterthon Fun Run helps schools increase their results by about 70 percent in comparison to traditional fundraisers. Unlike time-consuming product sales, Boosterthon is convenient and designed to be hassle-free. The students gain valuable education in becoming a leader, developing strong character, and making fitness a priority. With the support of educators, students, and parents, Boosterthon serves several hundred schools each year.