Manifest .NET BootCamp

The Manifest Bootcamp is an intensive six week
program taught by some of the industry's leading .NET Practitioners that
combines stand up training and hands-on development in an Agile environment.

Do you think your college or traditional
development work experience has prepared you to join an enterprise .net
development team? Think again.

The program is broken into six one-week
iterations. Each iteration includes a retrospective, iteration planning and
user story tasking sessions. Each day begins with a stand up. Each day includes
training in critical development concepts, techniques, tools and frameworks
including .net, c#, Agile, Visual Studio, NuGet, IIS, MVC, TDD, version control
(Foundation Server or others), Winforms, Webforms, Hibernate, continuous
integration (Hudson), logging, commons Logging frameworks, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, client side
and server side performance, HTML, CSS and design patterns. The hands-on
development includes some labs but mostly focuses on paired programming and TDD
on a real web based application using webforms, jQuery and other technologies.
There is a large emphasis on developing clean and maintainable code. The code
is routinely reviewed by local experts as well as checked by static analysis
tools. Lastly, you are given real world consulting skills in order to better
integrate productively into Agile business workspaces.

The Manifest .NET Bootcamp. Not all applicants are
accepted. Not all students make it thru. But when you do, you will truly be
ready to enter the Agile workplace and make a real impact.

Please submit qualified resumes to or call 614-930-2800 for more details.