Bootstraps Enterprises

At Bootstraps Enterprises (BE) we believe that there are communities—such as lower income families with children, transgender individuals, older folks, veterans, ex offenders and communities of color—that have historically experienced barriers to finding and sustaining fulfilling work with living wages.

BE’s mission is to create sustainable income-generating opportunities for historically under-employed communities. We seek to eliminate barriers to gainful employment and cottage industry ownership by providing training, technical assistance, capacity-building, and relevant counseling services in a family-centered, progressive co-working environment.

We will carry out our mission through four programs:

Sebenzana/Work Together:

A warm, vibrant co-working center will offer a productive well-resourced work environment and, importantly, a community of diverse allies sparking peer-to-peer connections and learning, key features of sustainability in social enterprise.

Our Work-Readiness Training Program will provide those unaccustomed to various work norms and practices with skills building workshops, a healthy work environment, and on-site social enterprise apprenticeships leading to the attainment of sustainable work outside of BE.

Kucheza/Play Together:

A key barrier to work and small business ownership is a lack of affordable, safe, quality childcare. A cornerstone of our business model is an on-site Child Care Program enabling our members to focus on work while their children learn and play together in a developmentally appropriate licensed child care program. The childcare center is also a job-creating and revenue-making social venture.

Manos Juntas/Create Together:

Entrepreneurship offers alternatives to the traditional (and barrier-riddled) workplace. Our Cottage Industry Incubator will foster and mentor historically disenfranchised entrepreneurs, providing technical assistance and capacity building services to both for profit and nonprofit start-ups.

`Ōlelo A`o/Counsel Together:

Individualized Counseling Support is on hand at BE, facilitating the dynamic, transformative process of gaining internal and external means that enable confidence to navigate the world of employment and reach self-sufficiency.