Gustav Borgefalk

I am is a 27 years old Swedish entrepreneur and competition geek based in Stockholm, Sweden. I mainly work with different methods for using competitions and challenges to motivate people and incentivize action in organizations, both on a high and low level. I love competing, was named Student of the Year in Sweden 2008 and has won numerous national and international academic competitions, such as WWF Global Perspectives, the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award 2007 , Stena Zero Waste Award 2008, Student of the Year in Sweden 2008 and Venture Challenge 2011. Based on my interest for competitions, I co-founded Student Competitions AB in 2010, a company that helps companies and Universities to organize global challenges, primarily for students. Previously, I was CEO of Filehill, Scandinavia’s largest marketplace for digital goods. I am passionate about changing the world to the better and have written most my competition contributions about the road towards a sustainable future. This is also why I attended Singularity University on NASA Ames in 2011, along with young leaders from all over the world. On a completely different note, I am a Sergeant 1st class in the Swedish Royal Air Force, trained in intelligence collection- and analysis. In my spare time I enjoy runinng, exploring and discovering. Hence the tagline of this website.