Gonzalo Borges

I graduated in 2008 as a Computer Engineer.

In college I participated in various Programming Contests including the 2006 ACM South American Programming Contest, Also I was a Student-Trainer/Professor-Assistant in Data Structures II and Database Systems for two years.

My first two jobs were on sales, so I have experience dealing with clients directly, comunication skills.

In my job I'm an IT Consultant, on my carreer I've been acquiring experience and knowledge about the important role of the information in business, use of CRM, and deployment of software tools that make the best use of this information to optimize processes and provide better quality of service to the clients. Also I've acquired wide knowledge about installation, configuration and administration of VoIP comunications, PBX, Security & Surveilance Systems, VPN Networks, General System/Network Administration & Help Desk.

On November 2014 I got promoted to Technology Supervisor, and I'm the Project Manager of the main project of the organization. I'm also a Database Adminsitrator in PostgreSQL (great DBMS), I've made courses of PgSQL for DBA and High Performance Tuning of PgSQL Servers.

Also I'm President, CEO & CTO of ITD Studio, a company that provides all sort of IT services (hardware, software), along with a wide variety of Graphic Design & Web Marketing Services for all industries.