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Botox Course

קורס הזרקת בוטוקס (Botox Injection Course) - Tel Aviv, Israel

Premier botox training course located in Tel Aviv.

World reknowned trainers - plastic surgeons and leading aesthetic dermatologists.

Amazing educational facilities.

Unparalleled educational program.

If you are a doctor or dentist and you are looking to enter the world of aesthetic medicine, קורס בוטוקס (Botox Course) will cover all the basics and more so that you can run a successful aesthetic practice.

Botox injection course:

This course covers basic botox injection techniques.

In the course, you will learn to administer botox to treat wrinkles in the following areas:

Crow's feet

Glabellar region


The botox קורס הזרקות (injection course) is for both doctors and dentists.
We also have an advanced botox injections course which covers techniques such as:

"Botox" brow lift

Treatment of peri-oral wrinkles

Treatment of nasal flaring

"Botox" face lift

We also offer a combined botox and dermal filler course.

Contact us today to get your botox education started and learn how to inject botox and start an aesthetic medical practice.