Robert M. W Boughton

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Maybe being a writer, and therefore more interested in focusing my powers of observation on every nuance I can discern in others — the physical features, personalities, voices and gestures — make me reticent to speak of myself. Suffice it to say I have been a newspaper boy, reporter/photographer, editor; dishwasher, fry cook, waiter; fast food slave,; grocery bagger, stocker, cashier, produce trimmer; construction laborer, house painter, carpet layer assistant; media relations director for a major gold bullion coin dealer; deli merchandiser and many other things in my life, more recently caregiver to my roommate of 15 years who died on Oct. 8, and owner of an estate tobacco pipe restoration and sales business. Although misdiagnosed as borderline retarded by incompetent California teachers when I was a child, I was vindicated and set on the right course in Shaker Heights, OH by a woman with singular and pioneering talent in those days, as well as an over-abundance of compassion and tolerance, who proved I only suffered from a form of dyslexia combined with Attention Deficit Disorder. Her name is Sonia Golden, and since she taught me to read and write I have neither stopped doing so nor looked back. Some of my other primary interests are research, the U.S. Constitution and other laws, reading, photography, numismatics, philately and jogging. I was born into a family of general neurotics and full-blown schizophrenics in Redondo Beach, CA.

  • Work
    • This Is Grannis LLC
  • Education
    • NMSU; UNM