Boyè Coker, MBA

Seattle, Washington

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Thought leader and serial entrepreneur with expertise in strategic selling, business development, marketing, corporate strategy and innovation management. Also a published writer, poet, jack-of-all-trades and master of those that matter.

A reflective thinker, driven and always evolving.... but astutely centered. God-fearing and imbibed with a spirit of excellence. I have absolutely zero tolerance for mediocrity and have the same expectations of people, that I have of myself.

Born and raised in Lagos (Africa's New York), I am on a personal quest to build bridges across the human divide.

I have lived in the United States for most of my adult life and in spite of the challenges and setbacks I have encountered along the way, I have absolutely no regrets in how I have done things, but have become richer (with wisdom) as a result of those experiences.

Dream it, say it, believe it and make it happen.... you owe that to yourself and the generality of humanity.

Life, after all, is a collection of dreams deferred and those realized. Make sure yours is the latter!

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    • Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Writer and Poet
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    • BA, MBA