CEO Sentient Play in Austin, Texas


CEO Sentient Play in Austin, Texas

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Brad is the founder of Sentient Play, whose mission is to discover how to make technology work better for people through play.

Most recently he was Chief Design Officer for IBM Watson. Brad has over 20 years experience leading teams in creating global products and platforms. He has hands-on expertise across all aspects of product creation from product management to product design/UX to development.


Solving wicked problems with creative solutions

Inspiring people to work together toward a common vision

Building things that make the world a tiny bit better

Storytelling that educates and entertains


Product Designer for Flash streaming video and other Flash/Flex products

Director of Product for Silverlight (600M downloads), WPF (on 75% of computers), Expression tools

Built first UX team and first B2B cloud/SaaS product in 1999

Over 600 public performances

=Recent History=====

Chief Design Officer for IBM Watson (product design)

Chief Experience Officer at buuteeq (product design and customer support)

Director of Product at Microsoft for Azure, Silverlight, .NET, and the Expression products.

Product designer at Macromedia (Adobe) for Flash.

Founding member of the UX practice of the Macromedia consulting group.

=Ancient History=====

Brad recorded albums and toured North America with a rock band—playing for half a million people at venues like Red Rocks and the Hollywood Bowl, and landing songs in a couple of movies. Prior to that, he earned a BS in CompSci and led a UX/UI team developing the front end of SaaS software for hospitals. Before that, he made video games, built with Lego, and rode bikes.

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