Martha Bradford Papadopoulos

screenwriter in Boston, MA

A University of California graduate, I’ve worked in finance, real estate, a start up, and social work. Throughout my work stages, I tended to my first loves of film and writing and combined the two to become a screenwriter, studying at UCLA, Emerson, and ScreenwritingU.

Working at Script Works Boston, my recently completed script, “A Thousand Things This Summer” is a coming of age story about a shy and studious girl who dreams about meeting the Beatles. Set in 1965, the story is true to time and place when the Beatles burst upon the music scene, creating a manic state of excitement around the world.

“A Thousand Things This Summer” captures the innocence and light-heartedness of the first flush of Beatlemania. Through the eyes of two teenage girls, “A Thousand Things This Summer” explores how the most iconic group in rock n’ roll history changed the entire world.

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  • Work
    • Script Works Boston
  • Education
    • UCLA/Department of Film and Television
    • Emerson College
    • ScreenwritingU
This script knocked me out! ”
Sid Bernstein, promoter of the most iconic concert in rock n’ roll history.
A THOUSAND THINGS THIS SUMMER is a sweet coming of age story, unique to one adolescent, yet universal in its theme. It conjures up the mid-sixties when Beatlemania reigned: a time of hope, excitement, and innocence. Two thumbs up.”
Richard Walter, UCLA
Very touching, nostalgic, and funny.”
Jordan Rich, WBZ Boston Radio