Brad Reason

Social Media Marketing, Digital Wizardry, and Comedy in Florida

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"I'm your go-to guy!"

Currently available as a niche creative specialist and remote/online freelancing:

-Social Media Marketing (Twitter: 2500+ real, active, targeted followers a month, 40K+impressions, 8K profile views. That's just the first month. These numbers continually improve over time. Many other social media services as well.)

-Targeted email gathering & email list creation from social media profiles. (Want the email addresses of anyone's followers or fan lists?)

-Joke writing. sketch comedy writing, stand-up writing. Need material? Need an extra funny writer in the room? I've been doing this for years, went to school for it, and have done a bunch of workshops.

-Political Activist: I am very much a liberal progressive, with a capitalist/socialist mindset. (Trump is an evil villain tyrant kleptocrat and I use some of my talents and energy in opposing him always.)

-Live Online DJ Broadcasting / Podcasting / Recording / Audio Editing / Use of original music (over 250 original electronica songs good for the background of any video project)

Why me? I'm honest, dependable, easily reachable, and have been doing this for over two decades. View more on my LinkedIn page. References and stats available upon request.