Brad Reason

Digital Wizardry and Growth Hack Marketer in Florida

Currently I am available as a freelance growth hacker for social media marketing:


-TWITTER / INSTAGRAM - I'll bring you real, active, followers (no fakes or bots) that are targeted and within your niche.

2500 - $100 (takes 3-4 weeks)

10000 - $350 (takes 4 months)

This is not "buying followers." This is gaining real, targeted followers using a method to organically blossom the account.


-EMAIL EXTRACTION FROM SOCIAL MEDIA- Targeted email gathering & email list creation from social media profiles.

Want the email addresses of anyone's followers/fan list to import to your own social media?

$50 for 2000

$200 for 10000


-BOT likes, shares, followers, views, plays, etc. on any social media outlet starting at $2 per 1000.

Full price list available upon request.

This would be considered "buying followers" and are not real, targeted people.


What's growth hack marketing? It's creative online marketing tactics, strategies, and tricks to get ahead in the social media game. It's building up your followers and fans so your content is seen and amplified instead of using your content to try to get followers and fans.

Why me? I'm honest, dependable, easily reachable, and have been doing this for over two decades.

View more on my LinkedIn page. References and stats available upon request. Click "Book Consult" to send me a message and we'll talk about how I can fit into your marketing strategy.

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