Brad Reason

Growth Hack Marketer, Twitter Marketing, and Instagram Marketing in the United States

I offer unique growth-hack marketing services for your business or project.

I have creative approaches to social media marketing which generate targeted fanbases. I bring the people so your content is seen and amplified, instead of relying on content to bring the people.

Why me? I'm a human. I'm not an agency overwhelmed with too many projects. I'm not a piece of automated software. The services I offer are only possible with my experienced human touch. I'm honest, dependable, and easily reachable.


*TWITTER FOLLOWERBOOST - I'll bring you real, active followers (no fakes and no bots) that are targeted and within your niche.

Gain minimum 625 followers per week - $25

Gain minimum 2500 followers per month - $100

Gain 10000-20000 followers in four months - $350


*TWITTER LIVE TARGETING FOLLOWERBOOST - Live targeting focuses on active online users in your niche.

Gain 7500-10000 followers per month - $150



1800+ followers per month - $100

8000+ followers in 3-4 months - $350


EMAIL ADDRESS EXTRACTION FROM SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES' FANS - I am able to generate email address lists by extracting from any page's fans list or followers list. These lists can be imported to your social media accounts for instant contacts and connections in your niche.

2000 emails - $50

10000 emails - $200


Let's connect and talk more. My growth-hacks are right for you if you're trying to sell products, get new clients, and trying to establish/amplify your brand.

The button at the top is to email me. Thank you!!




My method is not considered "buying followers." No bots are involved. My system gains real, targeted people, and generates thousands of post impressions and profile views. These are real potential customers and clients, gained using a method to organically blossom the account. I'd be happy to share the exact process if you're interested.

Email Lists?

This isn't buying old emails from a database. This is creating a fresh email list by extracting current active social media users that are following specific fan pages and profiles.


For followers, I do the work, then you pay. If you're not satisfied, don't pay. For emails, sample first.

I accept PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Litecoin, Altcoins

Will you work for marketers/agencies?

Yes, definitely! My services work perfectly in tandem with a social media manager, content manager, SEO wiz, etc.

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