Jerry Christensen

At the age of 15 I sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in a mountain bike accident. I was told I would never recover, have the ability to hold a job or ever be able to attend college. Rather than living dependent and sedentary life I chose to make the impossible happen. First I graduated college and focused on recovering completely and helping others. Considering all I had experienced I grew frustrated by any excuse. I believed anyone could do anything they wanted and in 2010 I proved my belief to be true. I got back on my mountain bike and conducted the Recovery Is NOW bicycle tour for charity alone. The solo tour unique because of the rules I forced myself to follow. The first rule was that I couldn't spend any of my own money. Second I had to give whatever was asked and third, I had to accept whatever was offered. Possessing only one day's worth of food and only the supplies I could carry on my bike (no camping gear) I set off into the unknown. The tour took me from Utah to Vancouver Canada and south to Long Beach California. From there I turned east and arrived in Chicago 6 months after the tour began. I blogged along the way and I want to publish my experiences. Join the mailing list for updates regarding publishing.

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