Bram Berk

Toronto, Ontario ,Canada

Growing up just outside Toronto, has provided me with not only an appreciation for the warm summers and a love for snow but most importantly technology and the power it has to connect to millions of people at the same time. When I was younger, I never thought that the hours I spent dialing in on my 486 DX66 PC, building geocities sites, chating on IRC, and messaging friends on ICQ would ever have lead to a passion and a career. When I look back now I realize what a priveldge I was to have grown up always having access to the latest technology and having watched the net become such a cohesive and diverse ecosystem. Two Bachelor degrees and a Masters degree later, I now find myself working in digital media for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. I've had the ability be apart of some amazingly exciting and large scale projects. I spend alot of time connected online but realize that it's just as important to disconnect evert once in a while.

  • Work
    • Web Producer
  • Education
    • Masters of E-Commerce
    • Bachelor of Commerce
    • Bachelor of Arts