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Fine Art NUDE Photography in Milano, Italia

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Funny how, in the 21th Century, you still feel the need to hide your photographic research on artistic nude.

Gaps between the mesh of the web seem to let through sensitive materials (from professional platforms designed and labelled as NSFW) to overly sensitive people.

In order to separate my research in artistic nude pictures from my real name in the work biased social world and obvious search results, I’m compelled to create a new brand: Bramley Apple.

From now on, my photographic work on full nude is going to be confined under the label “@BramleyApple - The Forbidden Fruit” and the hashtag “#BramleyApple”.

Sorry to spoil the reputation of the former Bramley apple fruit, but the web is not big enough for both of us!

The concern to offend somebody is getting in the way of the free expression of everybody.

Globalization has ruined people perception about nude art photography and every other form of nude art as well.

This means that Art was thrown way back in the darkest ages of censorship.

We live in an era where everybody is finally capable to speak to everybody, just as long as he says the usual safe, sterilised and boring shit.