Brande Kelley

I have worked in the finance industry for over 10 years, having cultivated an array of experience and knowledge in the areas of insurance, underwriting, operations, advanced sales , practice management, team building and business strategy. I have consistently developed and coached high energy teams that support organizational objectives. I have successfully designed support models that enable executives, financial advisors and business owners to deliver a high quality, boutique service to their clients while offering a wide range of insight on business process and sales psychology. Adaptable and future-minded, I embody a great deal of passion for organizational development! Genuinely interested in the success of the endeavors that I undertake, I have an uncanny ability to garner an environment of teamwork; stir innovation and execute strategic plans.. I’m an aspiring entrepreneur, coach, blogger and published songwriter, managing an international catalog of my own. My goal is use to one day use my unique gifts as a platform to coach people about money, leadership and getting through life’s hard patches unscathed. My name is Brande and my mission is to positively affect, inspire and educate those within my immediate sphere of influence.