Brandi Mitchell

What I Do

I help people see who they really are visually, in business, and their possibilities.

Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist

For more than 15 years I have been a celebrity makeup and hair artist, working with everyone from top celebs to major brands like Sony Pictures, L'Oreal Paris, Turner Broadcasting, BET to Producers, and Execs.

Image Consultant

I have an image and visual branding company that helps take people to their "next level", and shows them how to look "polished". Through makeup sessions, hairstyling, wardrobe styling, weightloss, personal training, and art direction along with professional photoshoots, we transform people into their best self - all while allowing our clients to remain true to who they are.

Visual Brand Strategist

I also help people create innovative and visually stimulating content and branding for their products, business, and promotional items. We construct promotional videos, consult on web design, and create new media and social marketing plans for our clients to fully take advantage of the online market.

I know how to tell people stories visually.

The Book

I have recently entered the publishing arena by creating my first best selling book on my own imprint, Koris Publishing LLC called The Blended Family Survival Guide on Getting Married With Children, Yours or Somebody Else's!. It is a realistic and transparent guide for blended families everywhere, and is being called the What to Expect When Your Expecting, but for Blended Families. I speak often on blended families, as well as to authors about effective self publishing and marketing their books.

Most of all I love my family which consists of my husband of nearly 14 years, and 3 wonderful sons.