Brandon Anthony Sciuto

Realtor and Writer in Naples, Florida

Listen to my music

I am a fan! A fan of people that earnestly display the love found within themselves.

I love playing guitar, performing my music, playing baseball, finding a real estate deal, helping other people find a family home, watching others smile, and most of all - I love my wife, Donna, and our two (2) boys, Koda Jackson & Sauter Maxwell.

We are the SCIUTO's...we laugh, love, sing, dance, smile, reflect, talk, listen, yell, scream, cry, curse, forgive, forget, wonder, wish, hope, and imagine!!!! We do it ALL...just like YOU, and we make our best our BEST! Our mission to avoid the worst things in life is achieved by filling up our souls with all the BEST things in life!

Avoid emptiness...FILL UP with the BEST of what is around YOU!

Look around....when given an opportunity to "sit it out or dance...JUST DANCE!" In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out the song called "I hope you DANCE" by Lee Ann Womack.

Sciuto out...Peace & Love,