Brandon Stein

west bloomfield

I am very different from the average college student. I spend my time reading books like Zero to One by Peter Thiel. I spend my time watching documentaries like Something Ventured to learn more about Arthur Rock, Mr. Perkins, Tim Draper, Pitch Johnson and Georges Doriot. I even spent two months of my life sleeping on couches while I raised over $35,000 of capital for Wayback LLC.

Additionally with my time at college, I have built two web applications for Chapterspot LLC and Scenetap LLC - I shadowed a Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur for three months at Olympia Media Group LLC - and I also founded LegendsCard LLC which has generated over $35,000 in three years.

I would be most helpful to an accelerator/incubator/VC as an associate who creates VR deal flow, acts as both a problem solver and provides an extra hand on deck for the startup tasks which are consistent across all startups (landing pages, introduction videos, pitch decks, graphics, wireframes, UX design, social media management, excel projections, et cetera). I truly love working and I want to spend 10+ hours per day doing legwork and learning.

My ultimate goal is to start my own fund before the age of 25, most likely funding early stage VR companies with convertible notes and incubating them in an accelerator format.

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