~ At a young age I have been interested in the arts. Drama, Visual Arts and Music. I possess a positive outlook and choose a professional approach to any project.

Drama & Acting

THE WIZ - A Swing - Moira Secondary School - Belleville ON

SOUTH PACIFIC - Stew Pot - Pinnacle Playhouse - Belleville ON

ON GOLDEN POND - Billy Ray Jr. - My Theatre - Trenton ON

RESIDENT DORK - Chad Wilson - Loyalist College - Belleville

Click here to watch Resident Dork. (Part 1 of 8) Available in HD

DISNEY'S BEAUTY & THE BEAST - Lefou - Moira Secondary School - Belleville ON

THE PAJAMA GAME - Max the salesman - Pinnacle Playhouse - Belleville ON


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~ When I was younger, I quickly picked up techniques and styles of comics and tried to create my own. Here is some archived titles I created.

Robo-Boy - 2005

Juratie - 2007 -

Yakosho Woods - 2008

Lester Cordova MOK (Master of Knives) - 2010

Tod the Zombie - 2010 [ Discontinued ] Click here to see the old page.

~ I am currently creating a new comic with an artistic director. It is a mix of the old west and futuristic japan. There is no title yet.


Mechanica - 2008

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