Brandon Cobos


A career position that will allow myself to build on my academic and employment background, which will bring opportunities for professional growth and development. Looking for employment in a business environment while pursuing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Strong desire to grow professionally and personally, while enhancing the future of the commpany. Contain many useful business skills and the ability to apply business principles, methods, and processes to solve problems.


Motivated business professional with college degree and past experiences. Very personable and an extremely confident speaker. Worked full-time while attending Central Washington University in order to pay for tuition and expenses. Proficency in Microsoft Office. Flexible, versatile and thrive in deadline-driven environments. Excellent team-building and leadership skills, able to lead tasks and people effectively by inspiring and motivating others in the right direction. Strong ability to participate across multiple business functions and maintain professional partnerships. Knowledge and experience in working in a business management team while developing, integrating, analyzing and presenting simple business and financial plans. Business Administration has improved my ability to cooperate with various levels of management and the customer. Capable to communicate with a diverse audience and provide clear and concise written documents. Able to identify opportunities to increase productivity and improvements using internal and external data. Competencies include, risk assessment, adaptability, analytical skills, problem solving abilities, intercultural communication and sound decision making. These skills and abilities include collecting, organizing, synthesizing and analyzing data to summarize findings, while developing conclusions and recommendations. Also educated in Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Income Tax Law, Procurement, Managerial Finance, Management Information Systems, Economics, Statistics and Professional Writing. Willing to travel.