Brandon D

The American flag represents many things - freedom, hope, pride. A writer should never shelter their work but allow it to blossom by putting a sense of feeling into it. Everything that is written has a feeling, some of the utmost joy, some of the deepest sorrows and some are like the ocean, unreadable and murky. As a writer, I try to exhibit emotion in everything I write, I take advantage of the freedom granted to me from America. The American flag started out as an ideal, a bonding from small beginnings that has led into it's being a great nation today. With my work, I try to build upon the creativity and goodness of old works to form a masterpiece. The American flag is the definition of hard work, a determination that cannot be quenched. Writing itself is unquenchable, as to "perfect" writing is to lose the very core of what it is supposed to be.

Photo to Buggolo