Brandon Franklin

Vancouver, Bc.

I suppose you want to know a bit more about the kook behind all these posts. Well, here we go.

Born and raised in the Great White North, Brandon is a commercial pilot and all around aerospace junkie. I mean, he can quit whenever he wants he just doesn’t want to because aerospace is awesome. How can you say no to the industry that is literally reaching for the stars? Brandon was also a recent graduate from the University of the Fraser Valley with a Bachelor of Business Administration focusing in Aviation.

It’s no surprise that Brandon’s keen on Aviation when you see his insatiable appetite for innovation. Drawing inspiration from the hacker culture of applying clever solutions to difficult problems, Brandon is quick to apply creative problem solving to just about everything. Whether it’s boosting productivity, learning a skill, or simply deciding between a tea or coffee, chances are the typical conventions are MIA.

Brandon has undertaken several entrepreneurial ventures over the years with his most recent being Pulse Creek, an online retailer featuring tech products with a twist of nature. In his free-time Brandon enjoys throwing himself off high objects, floundering in the swimming pool, and any activity that involves going really fast.

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • BBA in Aviation
    • Commercial Pilot