Brandon Fawaz

Hello, I am Brandon Fawaz, a hay farmer and owner of a fertilizer and chemical sales and application business in Siskiyou County. Since joining Farm Bureau at age 16, I have taken advantage of the opportunities this tremendous grass roots organization has offered me, both in leadership and skill development, and in protection from crippling regulations. I have had the privilege to meet, learn from, and work with some of the best and most respected individuals in agriculture, business, and government. As a farmer in California who farms, sells, and applies fertilizers and chemicals, I truly understand the issues facing California relating to water, air, ESA, and the insidious creep of regulations on our farms. Farm Bureau has invested in me. It is now time for Farm Bureau to receive a return on its investment by electing me to the office of 2nd Vice President. I am asking for your support and vote. If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to ask. Thank you.