Brandon Fernandes

Brandon Fernandes grew up like every other kid, watching a lot of cartoons and getting whacked for being naughty, his next best scheme of annoyance was drawing on walls, till it became a drug for him. So, his parents got him a sketchpad and thats where all the magic happened.

He started drawing from thenceforth, never stopping or putting the pencil down. From classrooms to churches, he didn't care what the outside world thought. As he grew up, he started getting recognized as 'the kid that draws' in school and high school, getting various art certificates and awards.

Being an avid fan of Comic Books, Manga, 3D and Video Games, his goals in life were set !

Gosh, Why must I write about myself in 3rd person ? Its so hilarious ! Anywhoo, feel free to look around and don't hesistate to contact me for either business, gaming or a cup of coffee.