Kyla Freund

Reno, Nevada

I am an instructor for the Women's Shooting Academy and have a huge passion for personal safety. Taking Vicki's classes began as a simple hobby for me and a way to try something new, but quickly became a wakeup call that I came to understand didn't just apply to my life. From my family to my friends, and now even strangers I teach, I can't help but feel a responsibility to help the people around me take initiative in developing their ability to protect themselves. Despite the sometimes cruel nature of the world we live in, I am undeniably an optimist who believes in living free from fear. I love the WSA team and the men and women I get to meet instructing classes. This work pushes me out of my comfort zone and teaches me more and more on a daily basis. I'm continually grateful to Vicki for the trust and confidence she places in me with this amazing opportunity!

I was born and raised here in Reno, attend Truckee Meadows Community College, and am addicted to country music and junk food. Hope to see you on the range!