Brandon T. Gary

Harlem, Ny

An.. upcoming Singer/songwriter/poet

Born & raised in Harlem, Ny

At a very early age Brandon always love singing & writing

from Songs to poerty, in school he would win 1st place in poetry slams from elementry to junior high, brandon even hit the famous lendgendary Apollo stage in Harlem, Ny with his choir known as (NYCHA) he even performed at the (united Nations) meeting tons of celebs from (Tisha Campbell to Jennifer lopez) giving him the encouragement to never give up on his dreams, from then on he grew outta the choir & realize he wanted to be more Centered stage & have the attention all on him, on July 2012 Brandon released his Debut promo Single Called *Go On Head With All That* originally produced by (D. Austin) The Song recieved positive Reviews, Brandon plans on Working & releasing an Mixtape Soon, No Release Date yet but he stated that he's Writing & recordings songs for the promo project, in feburary 2013 brandon Stated that he plans on releasing the 2nd Single called *Was It Gud 2 U?*(originally produced By Teddy Riley) in april but No Release on it yet, this Humbled upcoming singer is unique,dope,funky & cool & have so much to offer to the music world, STAY TUNED YOU GUYZ..... NEW MUSIC COMING SOON!!!! ;-)