Brandon Gendvilas

Brandon Gendvilas

Hello World Wide Web!

I'm Brandon Gendvilas.

A Singer/Songwriter who tickles the ivories.

Currently I'm living in Los Angeles, CA

but my roots are in Portland, OR.

The trees just aren't the same here in

LA. But anyways, below are a ton of links.

Click them to find out more about me

or just shoot me an e-mail.

Have a splendid day

UPDATE - 3/18/12

Hey everyone! My apologies for being absent the past couple of months. The reason for this being I have now joined up as frontman for a new project named "Valka." I'm very excited for this new venture and can't wait to show you all the new material we've been working on. Speaking of new material, we'll be doing a debut show Saturday, April 7th in downtown Los Angeles. I'd love for you all to be there! Not only will we be playing our new stuff, but we'll be incorporating many of my solo project songs. Breathing new life into them. Please check out for more details. I will also be switching over to exclusively doing updates with Valka. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to delivering more heartbreaking ballads under Valka.

Sincerely, Brandon Gendvilas