Brandon Grant

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Brandon Grant is an Bestselling Author of self-help, spirituality, fantasy, and other forms of fiction, as well as a youtuber, minister , blogger, and most surprizingly, Teenager.

He discovered a love for writing at the young age of eleven, and two years later, at the age of thirteen, published his first ebook; a horror story titled Creeper.

Following the publication of a full-length fantasy novel and another short story, Brandon discovered his love of writing didn't just apply to fiction. Around this time, he bagan posting inspirational messages and spiritual teachings to youtube. He then began writing spiritual and self-help books, including "The Path of Purpose," A category bestseller on Amazon.

In early 2014, he responded to a calling he'd had for more than a year; to start an Interfaith church in Virginia Beach. That February, SoulShine Spiritual Center had it's first meeting. The first service is expected to be held in late June.

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