Brandon Hastings

Vancouver, BC, Canada

It was trade mission to south-east asia in 2013 that cemented my desire for a career in law.

After seeing the effect the law has on people and trade, I realized that I was passionate and excited about the possibilities to help people that working would afford me. The path I am now on fuses my desire to create positive effects through the law; my business, interpersonal, and legal skills; and my ability to digest large amounts of technical information.

I see myself becoming a positive force in the world in the next decade through a detailed technical understanding of various national legal regiemes. I want to help companies, individuals, NGOs and governments experience the best, least wasteful world they can, and be in a position to inform and participate in effective decision-making with that goal in mind.

I have consulted for real companies, presented my ideas to C level executives of multi-national companies, and been trained as a leader by more organizations than I can remember. I have represented clients in court; negotiated deals; mediated disputes; and researched legal, social, social, business and economic questions to create innovative solutions for my clients.

I have been priviledged to do some of this under the best tutelage the world has to offer.

In addition to my professional exploits, I have been lucky enough to have crossed a bunch of things off my bucket list, including:

working as an archaeologists in Petra, Jordan,

taking a field trip to the Galapagos Islands,

competing internationally in business consulting,

participating in several leadership and strategic planning retreats, and

building houses for impoverished families in Ecuador.

  • Work
    • Legal Services
  • Education
    • Juris Doctor
    • BBA(Dist.)