Brandon James Abbott

McKinney, Texas

Strategic Life of Positive Outlets and Active Self-Production

Steps climbing Brandon J. Abbott's stairway for obtainable success:

/Half-step. Hit the snooze button. Sleep is important, I once read.
1. Wake up.
2. Smile at my reflection in the mirror.

3. Strategically, I scribble the daily active duty log, prioritizing sloppy bulletpoints into brewing passions feeding my unforeseen goals of the near future.
4. Shower, groom, and dress. Check, check!
...*dramatic pause* ...
5. I back track after over-thinking my choices by putting on a new shirt. It already feels better as I walk to the mirror and revisit a familiar face, matching the same comfortable smile worn below my French nose.
6. Pour already-brewed exotic coffee from the custom settings of my fancy DeLonghi Esclusivo Magnifica Super-Automatic Expresso/Coffee Maker into my cup reading: “Today is Your Day!”
The cup doesn’t lie.
7. After a timely tongue-singe, I march out the door. In one fluid motion: the lights turn off, the door clicks closed, the keys jingle in hand, and the orchestra of morning-fresh sounds ease my mind into peaceful agreement. “My day indeed,” I reply to the cup of coffee, now suitable for consumption.
8. The car’s engine roar urges a song to sing. My favorite song; my morning groove. For safety, I re-adjust the rear view mirror to the same spot it sat before toggling, followed by one last glance at the radiant half-me displayed mutually back.
9. With a final shimmy and a confident self-wink, I begin the drive to work.

Energetic but focused; Giddy but professional; Confident but humble. A balance of self-identified Brandon.

The combination of me as seen by others, or little reflections in the mirror smiling back, and even here, pulling up at this home away from home: my found community.

Today is Your Day!

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts Degree - Journalism, Strategic Communications