Brandon Johnston

Oklahoma City, OK

Library drone by day, wannabe novelist by night. I got a degree from the University of Oklahoma in Literary and Cultural Studies with a focus on Medieval Literature, and a minor in classical cultures to ensure that I had no marketable skills whatsoever. I like nerdy things like tech, dragons, spaceships, & superheroes. I also like grownup things like homebrewing, cooking, and interior design. I’ve even been accused of enjoying manly endeavors like sports, and I’ve recently discovered the joy of running.

I’m a bad example of a Christian (by Christian standards), but try and follow tenants of the Man Jesus like, ”judge not,” and, “love thy neighbor.” I sometimes fail at both. I often ask myself, "What would Wil Wheaton do?"

I over-share (sorry).

My mom thinks I’m funny, and my wife lets me think I’m clever (bless her).

  • Education
    • University of Oklahoma