Brandon Kaylor

Graphic Designer in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Over the course of 6 years in the role of graphic designer, I have learned how to juggle multiple projects, work tight deadlines, and challenge myself creatively on a day-to-day basis. I have worked with email, website, mobile, print and branding & identity design projects. My main goal as a designer, is to create unique artwork for an employer/client that will set them aside from the competition using the latest design trends to speak to their brand.

I enjoy building relationships with my coworkers and being able to learn from them to become an overall better designer. I am a hard worker and the type of person to put the hours in for a project to make sure it's 110%. After all, I'm not coming into work to just do a job, but to do something that I've been passionate about for over a decade.

Specialties: Branding/Identity, Logo Design, Email Design, Website Design, Photo Compositing/Color Correction.

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