Brandon Lagaert

Brandon: I could be described as a 23 year old guy from Belgium with a passion for arts, in particular the performing kind.

My interest for the stage started at age eleven when I joined a theatre group for teenagers and young adults called Litoziekla. After learning many things there I went to take theatre classes in high school.

In high school I came into contact with contemporary dance for the first time but I only started to take it serious at the age of 19.

After I graduated from high school I was accepted into the contemporary dance education at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Here my technique dramatically improved over the course of one year.

During my year at the conservatory I auditioned for the dance theatre company "Peeping Tom" and was accepted against all odds.

Right now I am working with them for one year and a half and we are touring the world with our new performance called "Vader".

Other work: I've worked with different people from various artistic and non-artistic backgrounds.

Some of the projects I am involved in:

Moonstein (Doriane Dubost Dessertine)

Some of the projects I was involved in:

Will happiness find me (Janni Van Goor)

Ford Escort (Greet Vissers)

Rozemieke (Camille de Bonhomme)

Own work:

My work researches and investigates the borders between dance and theatre, I have been experimenting with combining dance with theatrical aspects or the other way around. I incorporate surrealistic elements into my performances and make sure they also have a humoristic side to it.

During the last couple of years I've made 4 performances; a theatre piece, a performative artwork, a dance-theatre piece and a dance solo I've made for myself.

Vaak Vlinders (2010)

Niets dan woorden (2012)

Wolkenveld (2013)

Subdued (2014)

I've also had the honor to perform in the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art (S.M.A.K.) in Ghent.

At the moment I am busy creating my own company "Kaiho" which contains the solo "Subdued" and a short-film adaptation which is still in development.

If you are interested in my work you can contact me through e-mail or visit my website