Brandon Lang

Brandon Lang developed a passion for sports early on in life. He realized his dream of playing college basketball when a knee injury cut short his career. Faced with the fact that his days on the court were over, Brandon Lang choose to follow another dream and see the world. Mr. Lang joined the U.S. Navy in 1981, quickly distinguishing himself aboard the Battleship New Jersey, where he became the youngest sailor to reach the rank of Master Helmsman in the ship’s history. Honorably discharged in 1984, Brandon Lang spent three more years touring the world before returning to the United States in 1987. Traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, Brandon Lang entered the world of high-stakes sports gambling, proving his skill as a sports handicapper. Through the challenges he faced while trying to predict the winners of professional sporting events, Mr. Lang found the excitement he enjoyed while playing basketball and decided to stay in the industry. In 1989, Brandon Lang joined a major sports service on the East Coast and his already successful career took off. Immediately after accepting his new role, Mr. Lang began one of the most notable winning streaks ever seen in the world of sports handicapping. Seven years later, while he was still on the winning streak he began in 1989, Brandon Lang realized that his life story would make an excellent Hollywood movie. In order to make the movie, Brandon Lang moved to Los Angeles in 1996. After his arrival, Mr. Lang joined the well-known Riviera Country Club as a caddy. He accepted the position because of the networking opportunities it provided. During his days on the golf course, Brandon Lang met a number of public figures and celebrities, including Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and President Clinton. After awaiting his opportunity, Brandon Lang eventually met Dan Gilroy, a Hollywood screenwriter. Mr. Lang described to him the outline of his story. Six years later, Universal Pictures released Two for the Money, a dramatized version of Brandon Lang’s life. The film stars Matthew McConaughey as Brandon Lang, Al Pacino, and Rene Russo.