Brandon Lennon

Social Media Marketing, CEO, and Freelance in Atlanta, Georgia

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Hi, I’m Brandon. Founder of Aeon Marketing based in Atlanta, Georgia. By day, I'm a Nonprofit Professional.

I am a fan of helping local businesses get clients. Also of Batman, and coffee. I decided to invest in becoming a social media EXPERT after being recognized and awarded for speaking at a conference in 2017 about my work with the Red Cross involving marketing. I saw an opportunity to develop that skill for business owners I knew personally (that were in desperate need of more clients.) Today in 2019, with the help of my small team, we are delivering strong results for companies. Specializing in social spaces like Facebook and Instagram! Now that you know some about me, I am curious to know about you. What is it that brought you here? Are you looking to multiply (even exponentially) your leads, customers, or clients for your business? Well, there's good news. I'd be happy to help!

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