Brandon Lewis

Whats going on ladies and gents!

By the way, my name is Brandon " B-Still " Lewis. Most friends call me B-Still. For a long story short, I used to be a musician, AKA Rap Artist. Yeah Yeah, I know what your thinking...." No way this guy can rap or ever get a song together! " LOL Well, not only I'm a awesome mixologist, I am a entertainer. Just because you work at a bar doesn't mean you have to be serious about work, but having fun with your guests, friends, and the people that you regularly see at your bar.....Oh don't get me wrong, please do your job the right way.YEAH! Follow policies and procedures. OK, I have made my mistakes. LOL I have done things that should have been at Las Vegas bars or Stripper Bars....OH YEAH LADIES! You know whats up! LOL! I have worked at Harrah's Rincon Casino for 5.5 years as a bartender. A casino in San Diego, California. The Most beautiful city in the westcoast. I have learned many drinks and created many drinks working at Harrah's Rincon Casino. I usually make a signature drink, but only for the ladies. Why? That's easy! Men just want a two-piece drink or a brewski. Right?Of course the Ladies, on the other hand, they are like their wardrobe. All fancy, putting on make-up, looking real sexy, and like to smell real good. That's what I make for the ladies. Before I get carried away, Bartending is a great job to socialise and get to meet new people. Making drinks is your job, but having fun is all on you!!! I'm currently Unemployed, Looking for a great place to make drinks! Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!!

Mad Love~