Brandon Metzger

Washington Dc.

Born and raised in Westchester New York, Brandon is in his Senior year at The George Washington University where he studies Political Science and Business Administration. While gaining experience in Entrepreneurship, Brandon stumbled upon the idea of the Technological Singularity.

He has never looked at the world the same.

Brandon is deeply interested in the phenomena of accelerating technological progress. We are creating an incredible future full of both opportunities and challenges. While emerging technologies will soon allow us to solve many of humanities greatest challenges, they will also pose unprecedented risk. The greatest challenge of our time is guiding technological advancement towards societal benefit and away from peril.

Currently, Brandon is the primary Science & Technology intern at The Millennium Project, a global future studies Think Tank focused on improving humanity’s prospects for building a better future. With a focus on exponential and emerging technology, Brandon tracks and provides analysis on the cutting edge developments and advances in the interrelated fields and converging disciplines that are shaping our future. His primary focus is identifying new applications of various emerging technologies and assessing their impacts on 15 Global Challenges (eg. Energy, Education, Health, Global Ethics, Population & Resources, Sustainable Development & Climate Change etc..)

Brandon occasionally blogs about topics related to humanity, technology, and the future. He recently started using his personal Twitter account, so follow him! He also tweets about technology related topics through The Millennium Project.

We are living during amazing times, and I am excited to meet and work with other curious and ambitious people who not only imagine a radically better world, but are working to make it our reality. I invite you to reach out to me!


"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himse

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    • The Millennium Project
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    • The George Washington Universtiy