Brandon Nease

Account Manager in Orange, CA

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Brandon Nease is more than just a successful Account Manager at Sehi Computer Products; he is a man who epitomizes the harmonious confluence of technology and art. His journey from Chapman University to his current role in the dynamic field of IT sales showcases his adaptability and diverse passions. It stands as a testament to his dedication and achievements.

From an early age, his fascination with the Star Wars universe added color to his life. As a child, he was captivated by action figures, but his love for the saga didn't end there. It matured into a significant hobby involving an extensive collection and do-it-yourself projects, including creating dioramas and life-sized droids. His devotion to Star Wars goes beyond the mere collection, however. To Nease, Star Wars represents freedom, vastness, and an abundance of distinctive and resonant narratives.

His love for technology and art also extends to his professional life. As an alumnus of Chapman University, Nease has successfully merged his technical skills with his artistic interests, significantly impacting IT sales. He seamlessly blends the intricacies of the tech world with his creative pursuits, serving as a beacon for those who aspire to unite seemingly disparate worlds into a harmonious symphony. His journey exemplifies the power of embracing diverse passions and showcases the limitless potential that can be unlocked when one combines their interests in unique ways.

  • Education
    • Masters of Arts At Chapman University