Brandon Peoples

Elecronic Music Artist, Forex Trader, and Blogger in Austin, Texas

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Brandon Peoples is a creative entrepreneur with a wide array of talents and interests in various fields. He is an avid learner with a purpose to showcase his abilities in the public sector of the internet. Brandon Peoples loves creating fun and engaging content online for his multiple fan-bases. He is a self-taught Forex Trader of 6 years, now teaching over three thousand students online. Has been involved in graphic arts and freelance photography for 5 years. He also owns an indie Electronic music record label that he established in 2012. He has also started his own clothing line that is centered around his passion for electronic music. In 2015, Brandon Peoples traveled to the Caribbean, where he volunteered at a Youth Hostel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is exceedingly gifted and is quick to dive into any opportunities that may arise at which he can enhance his character.