Brandon Rafalson

Reputation Specialist in New York

Brandon Rafalson

Reputation Specialist in New York

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My name is Brandon. I just moved to New York City in August 2015 and I (still) love it here.

During the day, I craft and circulate content at Bizzabo, an amazing company that helps individuals and businesses make their events better.

Previously, I helped people take control of their online stories at BrandYourself

At night, I ogle, study and perform improv comedy across the city. I'm currently affiliated with the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater, but *presents olive branch* I have a ton of respect for other theaters in the area.

Some more biographical info:

I was born in Chicago, grew up a little-bit in the North and South suburbs, and then grew up a lota-bit around Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill, I studied American Studies (think cultural analysis), in addition to Creative Writing and Dramaturgy.

Although I acted in and around the university community, my real golden goose was The Chapel Hill Players, UNC's premier improv and sketch comedy ensemble.

Some things I learned from CHiPs:

Collaboratively writing sketches means leaving your ego at the front door (in the ego box, next to the coat rack)

The best way to build an audience is to build relationships, whether that consists of you making people laugh as you hand out flyers or you walking in slow motion towards a camera

Being part of a team can be tough, but Ben Franklin and Elrond were right in that when people come together they can do extraordinary things, like stage a political revolution or carry a ring to Mt. Doom and overthrow Sauron the Dark Lord

During my sophomore year of school, as my passion for improv grew only more and more, I decided to apply for a fellowship to study improv in Chicago (the historical capital of improv comedy). After a lot of sweat, tears, hustle, revision, advice, bouncing thins off people, and luck, I managed to land a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship to Study improv comedy in Chicago.

Since then, I've studied, performed and watched improv in Chicago, NYC, the American South, London, Germany, and Poland.

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